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Comm-central Status

July 23rd, 2008 Posted in Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird

After a good (and quick) bit of work by KaiRo yesterday the code for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird is now in comm-central. As far as I know the code is now working for building SeaMonkey and Thunderbird with comm-central.

I think the main thing to note is that:

  • The object directory for a build must be different to the source directory.

Source directory builds (as they are frequently known) have been on the not-recommended list for the Mozilla code base for a while. The move to comm-central, and the structures have to use mean that we can no longer support them.

If you’re getting problems, drop by #maildev on and we’ll try and help you out.

Whilst I remember, there’s a good FAQ for Mercurial on devmo, including how to push changes.


As you’ll see from the wiki page, we are still working on these, and hence the comm-central tree is still CLOSED.

SeaMonkey has build (inc nightlies) and unit test boxes up and running, Thunderbird has its unit test boxes running, but the build/nightlies are still being set up.

One of the obvious problems you may notice when looking at the tinderbox trees is that whenever mozilla-central makes a change, our buildbots detect it, start a build and break, I expect this just needs a tweak of a configuration file somewhere – just waiting on our build guys to wake up.

With unit tests, we are seeing some problems that are a mixture of picking up the 1.9.1 gecko code base, and problems with the new build system. I have already checked in a couple of changes for some of these, we are currently awaiting the results.

Keep an eye on the wiki page if you want to track status, we’ll keep that updated as we progress, but we’ll do an announcement in the normal places once we’ve got everything running cleanly again.

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